Project Description

Spidey and His Amazing Friends

Project Details

Spidey and His Amazing Friends is an upcoming Marvel animated series set to premiere on Disney Junior in 2021. My goal with this logo was to tie it to our main franchise logo but age it down for preschoolers. So I kept the arching letter structure and rounded the edges. We had some other treatments for “and his” that I liked better, but this one was ultimately chosen.

X-Men Brand Relaunch

Project Details

It’s been years since Marvel has had an X-Men style guide for many reasons. Since Disney acquired Fox new opportunities have arisen. This take on the logo was an attempt to pay homage to the classics logos while giving it a modern feel.

Spider-Man Brand Logos

Project Details

Logo Update: Season 3 or Marvel’s Spider-Man is subtitled “Maximum” Venom. This is the logo I developed.

Marvel relaunched its Spider-Man Evergreen brand in 2017 with this logo. It is the latest iteration of a logo I developed for the Spider-Man brand and publishing titles in 2004. We wanted to keep the same feel while adding something new.

Fantastic Four Relaunch Logo

Fantastic Four Relaunch

Project Details

Marvel relaunched the Fantastic Four with a new series in April 2018. It was the first Fantastic Four comic since 2015 so naturally, a new logo was needed. For this project, I felt I needed to create a logo that was recognizable to the older fans but also brought something new.

Hulk & the Agents of S.M.A.S.H.

HULK and the Agents of S.M.A.S.H.

Project Details

This was a short-lived program that featured a bunch of Hulk characters.