Project Description

Space Station Prospect

Project Details

John Busso Created Space Station Prospect as a place for kids to learn through gaming and hands-on computer programing. With the use of various physical and digital games and activities, kids are provided with unique experiences as well as opportunities to apply those experiences to their own creation of content.

John wanted this logo to feel like a Space Station that has been built from the part of older stations and spacecraft.

Bella Birth Logo Design

Bella Birth

Project Details

Bella Birth was a client we attained on referral from our first Doula project. She wanted something different and without mother-child imagery. After showing a wide range of concepts, she was thrilled with this floral design with a slightly ornate capital B in the center.

SAS The Vault Logo

SAS: The Vault

Project Details

Strategic Audit Solutions hired me to design a logo for their secure client portal. You can see it being used here.

Birth Esteem Logo

Birth Esteem

Project Details

Birth Esteem is a logo for a professional doula. Doulas help coach women through pregnancy and birth. Our client wanted to avoid clichés for doulas and childbirth services that are out there. Birth Esteem is Dawn Chorba’s Doula business. She was great to work with and was very happy with her logo.